It’s not about the product.

It’s not about the product.

That’s the dirty little secret of all these tech companies, the goal isn’t to create a good product, but to SELL OUT! – a game of musical chairs, cat_musical_chairswhere the buy-in is millions, and everybody’s afraid to be left without a seat at the table when the music stops.

The problem is that is has affected music too.

Today’s game – find someone to fund your art, get someone else to sponsor it, and to then focus on lifestyle. Your goal is not to thrill the alienated poor at home who lay their hard-earned money down to support your career, but to remove yourself from them, live behind a wall and fly private. Look at is as income inequality, it’s the coarsening of society, it’s elected officials who are beholden to corporations and lobbyists, not their constituents.

Everybody in Hollywood wants in. Universal’s got an incubator. WME invests in tech. And Ashton Kutcher is revered not for his acting ability, but his investment prowess.

There are too many playlists, and when you find the one appealing to you, you find a dreck to hit ratio that’s horrifying. Grazing is the new pastime, it’s about filling out the list, not true curation, where every cut counts, like the deejay used to do.

But deejays don’t get paid enough, the radio ones, not the club ones.

So where’s the antidote?

Everybody under sixty believes selling out is a badge of honor. We’re inundated with statements that kids don’t care. But that’s untrue. That’s just businessmen pontificating, looking for their cut.

So a bunch of nerds bought the music app of a bunch of faceless New Yorkers.

We don’t need more tech, we need more artists!


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