Starting – StartUp


We’ve all got to start somewhere, just don’t delude yourself that because you’ve started you deserve to be successful.

start-upThere are a number of routes to take, some of which can be combined.

Skills cannot be emphasized enough. Remember, once again, talented people are a dime a dozen.

Furthermore, creativity is king. When you’re starting at the bottom you jump to the top by creating. We are looking for unique and you eventually will need a finished product. Best to learn how to make it yourself.

Don’t talk about money, don’t talk about royalties. I’m not saying to sign a bad deal, I’m just saying if you’re thinking about getting paid from the get-go, you’re on the wrong track. Get real and understand: “what sells today”… your looks and personality, it’s key to major companies investing in you.


Every great company has one. One can argue that the Mentor is more important than the founders. The Mentor believes in you and promotes you. It doesn’t matter if the Mentor is famous if they’re not committed to you. Who knows a scrappy young person may pay further dividends, they’re banking their progress/career on you.

You’ve got no idea of the amount of work involved. As Shep Gordon so famously said, if the ‘mentor’ does his job right, it’ll probably kill you!


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