Mixer-Apple_Qurre_TeacherAn overused word frequently employed by those who have not succeeded/won in any other category. Once upon a time it was a reasonable career path. Today, Rivers Cuomo becomes a rock star and THEN goes back to Harvard!

So you’ve got a mixtape. You’re good with beats. But what separates you from everybody else?

That’s what an Ivy League education does, separate you from everybody else. In a country of 300 million, you don’t want to be limited to your good looks and charm, those are a dime a dozen.

Furthermore, since these “artists” are not in school or working, they’re all over social media developing their “brand.” Trying to up their YouTube subscriptions, believing if they just try harder, they’ll make it.

But most won’t. Because they’re not that talented and they don’t understand the game.

It’s a business. Companies don’t need you, they just need someone. George Michael got into a fight with Columbia Records, the company won, both in court and in truth. Because Columbia survives and George Michael never had another hit. The company had to teach artists a lesson. Tommy Mottola needed to get rich.


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