Bottom Line


It’s not the sixties anymore, nor the eighties or nineties.

bottom-lineToday life is rough. There are winners and losers. The middle class is shrinking. Which is why all those with a brain want to ensure they don’t end up on the wrong side of the divide.

As for those who create breakthroughs, it’s always by not playing the game. In other words, if you’ve got no college degree, your music better not sound like anybody else’s. Same deal with tech. We don’t need a new smartphone OS, we need something we can’t even fathom.

Baby boomers were drifters. Part of a large, egalitarian “Woodstock Generation” wherein unions still existed and we were all supposedly equal, we could all get a job and pay our bills.

Now a lot of these boomers have been laid off and can’t get a gig, never mind their children.

It’s every man for himself in America today. If you’re coasting, you’re losing ground. You’ve got to decide on your goals at a very young age and then work tooth and nail to achieve them. You’ve got to separate yourself out, you’ve got to rise above.

And know that today everything comes down to money. The rich people who make it and the poor people who desire it. Sure, you can be an itinerant musician known by few, but just don’t bitch that you can’t make a living, because the problem is you, you didn’t understand the game.

And the game, once again, is money. That’s all anybody cares about. That’s all anybody bitches about. Everybody wants more.

There is no safety net, no haven for losers. You’re either on the road to success or the scrapheap.

And the winners know this.


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