What I’ve learned prior to 60

What I’ve learned prior to 60

prior to 60No one knows anything. Confidence is a front. Everybody is insecure. We’re all lonely looking to be connected. AND… You really want to be involved with someone your own age, because no matter how attractive a younger person might be, they do not get the references.

Some people were dead at thirty. It’s a full time job trying to stay alive. You’re never going to recover from some physical ills, aches and pains.

Your parents said television was the idiot box, and you feel guilty every time you watch for hours, but you’re addicted.

If you were never on the path to riches, you will never be rich. Having friends is better than having money. BUT…

Doors are closing every day. If there’s something you want to do, start now.

People let you down. Everybody is out for themselves. They make decisions accordingly. Don’t take it personally.

People are dying to tell you their story. Ask them questions. They’ll tell you everything.

The key to longevity is letting go of the past.

You won’t know who the people they’re talking about in “People” and the rest of the gossip rags are, and you won’t care.

No one can keep a secret.

If you’re up for anything, we’re attracted to you.

You don’t want to be President.

Life is topsy-turvy, just because someone’s successful today, that does not mean they will be so tomorrow.

Even the best and the brightest have kids who screw up.

Not everybody grows up, some are still bullies. People who would hit you as kids won’t hit you as an adult, mostly because they’re afraid of the lawsuit.

You’ll regret you stopped piano lessons.

You’ll think it was better when you were young. Because it’s what i’ve learned prior to 60.


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