It’s cold in here

It’s COLD in HERE.

cold outsideAt least we’re all connected. The world has gotten smaller. But we’ve lost some freedom along the way. Not only our privacy, with Big Brother watching, but the ability to be alone with our thoughts, to feel. Used to be if you were waiting for a bus, before everybody had a car, you couldn’t divert yourself with your phone, you just had to kick the curb and be alone with your thoughts, it made us who we are.
And I’m not sure who everybody is anymore. We seem to have winners and losers. The winners drop out of college and succeed, those who graduate don’t spend time finding themselves, but start their careers. And those without advantages, those who screw up, don’t realize their permanent record is going to hold them back forever.

They talk more on the east coast, they make better friends. It’s because of the weather, all we have is each other.

And you can take the boy to California but he still remembers…when darkness closed in and depression loomed and you sat in the overheated buildings listening to records just waiting for it to get warm outside.


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