Once upon a time computers were like cars, computer like carin their infancy that is. At the turn of the last century, car owners were hobbyists, who could lift the hood and fix their automobiles themselves. As were those utilizing computers in the eighties. This is how many learned how to think, how to analyze, how to solve problems. You’d be sitting there flummoxed, trying this or that, working towards a solution. Oftentimes having to go for a walk or to sleep to uncover an answer.

But that does not mean I give up, that I can tear myself away from my devices when I hit a roadblock.

Like last night. Yearning to take a walk around the neighborhood, I went to hook up my Bluetooth headphones to my new Phone and they were not discoverable. In the sixties, you’d bring your problem to the shop, where some old guy with wisdom or some young guy who was brusque, but competent, would take your device from you and when you returned a week later it would work, it would be fixed. Today not only do these people not exist, almost no one exists, you’re on your own, baby.


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