Social Media might just be OVER

We are all fighting for it but social media just might be over.

blogger-cookies2014 and…

the Internet is two decades old, at least in the mind of the consumer, we’re all wired 24/7 and the primary feeling is one of exhaustion. We’re at an endless buffet and we can’t stop grazing even though we’re full and after a while everything looks the same, nothing tastes that good.

Contrast this to the eighties, when music was expensive, everybody was watching MTV and we knew what was a hit and were familiar with it.

Old schoolers believe it’s about a publicity campaign. But I hate to tell them it took years for “Breaking Bad” to break, despite so many testifying it was the best television show ever. Because it takes a lot to get us out of our comfort zones, to partake of something new, because so much disappoints and we’ve got no time and because of the opportunity cost…if I sample this, I’ll have no time to sample that.

It’s why people drop out of social media. They believe people are listening. That if they keep doing it their audience, their personal brand, will grow. But seemingly everybody I follow on Twitter rarely tweets anymore. Albert Brooks used to be a constant. Michael Moore had a presence. Now it’s more like beating your head against the wall and so many huge players have given up because they don’t believe it pays career dividends.

They’re worn out.

I’m worn out too.


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