Getting my attention to PURCHASE

Getting my attention to PURCHASE something…

got-my-attention-images We’ve got people yelling louder and the rest of us just tune out, we can’t stand the noise.

Where are we going?

We have techies looking to make coin shoving endless websites and apps down our throat. Many just a me-too variation on what’s come before.

We have got the “old wave” lamenting that the old days are gone. They acknowledge the game has changed, ironically they continue to play in the same damn way.

So don’t invade my yard if I don’t ask you to. I don’t want anything that looks like spam. Because cleaning the crap out of my digital life is already taking too much time. This is how it is for everybody.

So the question is how do you get my attention and keep it? Either very quickly or very slowly, usually the latter. – That’s how you get it.

Keeping it?

We turn to FILTERS..  – It’s all about the relationship. The “friendship”.

My friends respect me. My friends keep in touch. My friends don’t overload me. My friends don’t abuse the connection, asking for too much too soon, never mind all the time. My friends are there for me through thick and thin. I trust my friends. The bond runs deep.

Do you have a relationship with those who you are selling to? Do they even know who you are?  It’s a complicated process, but it’s today’s reality.

Yup, everybody purveying must maintain a relationship with those who are consuming, continually. It’s maintenance no different from making your product.

Sure, there are phenomena, that sell themselves.

But now, in an era where you can reach everybody with a click, it’s even harder to get their attention and to keep them focused.

That’s your challenge.


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