I used to always be early, but now I’m afraid of being late.

I used to always be early, but now I’m afraid of being late.

Being early is a curse in a world where everybody is late. Not only do you waste time waiting for people, you end up being the greeting committee, making small talk, introducing people. Almost no one is on time., so I’ve trained myself to…be on time, as opposed to early. But now with so many time-wasters, most especially the smartphone, I’m finding it hard to even be on time.

I’m old.
I remember when my mother was thrilled when she qualified for the senior discount. Baby boomers are horrified.

Henrik Ibsen trained to be a pharmacist. Henrik Ibsen was the artistic director of the Christiana Theatre and it went bankrupt.

It’s hard not to take the easy way out. Used to be our parents told us to be doctors or lawyers. Now college graduates go into finance because they want a safety net. But to wake up and decide to follow your heart…everybody talks about it, very few do it. Because it’s just too risky, especially in the arts.


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