KICKSTARTER1Like the high-technology company he founded in 1991 to pioneer in the new field of Fifth Network Advertising and full capability electronic displays, Phillip L. Scheldt’s career and achievements represent an eclectic convergence of technologies, talents, and interests.

He graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy in November 2012 with training in, Counter-terrorism, Counterintelligence and Intelligence, Cyber Crimes and Computer Forensics, White Collar Crime, Public Corruption, Use of Deadly Force, Polygraphs, the FMI’s Foreign Mission, Civil Rights, Organized Crime, Gangs, and Violent Crimes as well as basics of Evidence collection, Bomb Tech., Weapons of Mass Destruction, Hostage Negotiations, Crisis Management, and Firearms. He is currently a consultant to the Dallas Jr. Police Academy on a quarterly basis and enrolled in the Dallas Prosecutors Civil Action Academy.

Dr. Scheldt has been fortunate to enjoy a classical marketing and management career that has included key positions with well-known firms and brands, including Home Life Insurance/WS Griffith of New York, NASD – National Association of Security Dealers, Hall Financial Group, Curtis Mathes, and Credit Lyonnais.  Career Track: Professional growth through such position as Chairperson Board of Arbitration – NASD, President, EVP, Director of Research, Million Dollar Round Table.

Over the past 15 years he has been utilizing marketing expertise gained within major corporations in managing and building business.  He has a track record of increasing sales, reducing costs, and streamlining operations in a wide range of situations.

Dr. Scheldt is skilled in all areas of executive management, including developing operations throughout the U.S. and worldwide building Sales forces, creating algorithms for search engines, conducting national workshops, and creating patents for new technologies and has exceeded all company objectives achieving triple-digit gains in revenues and profits.

Most recently he has Developed algorithm for a U.S. Patent and Trademark Search Engine.  Using natural language techniques developed search techniques that have proven 100% successful in searching the USPTO and Foreign Patent databases.

Before spending much of the 1990s putting in place the foundations for a revolutionary new approach to display screen technology, he spent much of the 1980s redesigning the way a major U.S. insurance company trained and managed its agents and registered equity representatives.

In addition to speaking the language of corporate management well enough to be named Executive Vice President and member of the Board of one of the world’s best known makers of high quality televisions, Curtis Mathes, he also speaks fluent Japanese.  Dr. Scheldt is an accomplished former professional musician (cello) and sits on the board of arbitration of the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD).

Blurring the lines between academic, professional, and cultural categories is a familiar theme for Dr. Scheldt.  While in Japan he studied the famed “Suzuki Method”, used extensively in the U.S. as a method for training young musicians.  Later, while teaching and directing the strings program for the Ottawa, Kansas’s public schools and Ottawa University, he founded and operated a small computer company writing code and programs to manage the everyday activities of Universities.  The programs managed Admissions through Alumni online information retrieval and entry, a first in the world of punch cards and tapes.

A prolific writer (he types 90 words a minute on a split‑level “ergonomically correct” Microsoft keyboard), he writes his own business plans and has, in fact, created a proprietary series of procedures for business plan development and implementation.  He has written training, management and compliance manual for the securities industry and authored most of the materials used in his securities seminars and is a member of the Arbitration Board for FINRA the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, formerly the Nationals Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).

When he speaks professionally as he often does, it may be on psychology (“One on One Selling”), law (“Litigation Control through Supervision and Education”), securities (“FINRA Compliance and Your Practice”), cross‑cultural business practices (“How to Do Business In Japan”), or personal skills (“The Suzuki Method of Learning and Living a Life”).

The 56‑year‑old Scheldt was born in New Orleans but reared in the St. Louis area.  He is a graduate of Ottawa University in Kansas.  Before moving on to the world of business in the early 1980s, he conducted musical institutes and workshops at numerous colleges and universities in 45 states and two countries in the 1970s.  In addition, he received his Ph.D. degree from Tokyo University at the age of 19.

His introduction to the securities business came at W.S. Griffith & Co., a subsidiary of Home Life Insurance Company of New York, where he quickly moved from being a Million Dollar Round Table life insurance sales performer to manager and registered principal for the Dallas and Houston branches.  After passing exams for the NASD Series 6, 63, 22, 7 and Series 24 certifications, he taught Series 24 (Registered Securities Principles) classes and successfully shepherded other Griffith office managers through the exams.

Later, he became Vice President of Hall Securities Corporation and Funding Capital Corporation, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Hall Financial Group, Inc., where he was responsible for marketing, due diligence packaging, compliance and all other NASD Regulations.

In 1989, he purchased with his partner Curtis Mathes Holding Company and was named Executive Vice President with day‑to‑day responsibilities for operations, including regulatory matters and investor relations.

He founded Animated Systems and Presentations (ASAP), Inc. in 1991 as a vehicle for negotiating and securing important LED technology licensing agreements and for launching his vision of a new LED based electronic display industry, and a Fifth Network for Advertising in North America, Europe and Mexico.  His interest in LED-based display screen technology began in 1990.  Dr. Scheldt has made many trips to the Far East to help guide the development of this fast‑moving, potentially far‑reaching new generation technology for displaying information and images on electronically lighted and controlled “billboards,” point‑of‑purchase signs, and other venues.

As an off shoot of the electronic display company, Dr. Scheldt is a Director and Founder of Borealis, L. L. C., a Texas corporation that manufactured and marketed and exclusive line of LED based lighting fixture for the stage, theatrical, and architectural market.  The Borealis fixtures produce 16 million color combinations, and have and light life in excess of 100,000 hours, produce minimal heat, and require approximately 75% less power.  Dr. Scheldt holds many patents in his name and has numerous patents pending approval.

Dr. Scheldt has pursued his entrepreneurial enterprises managing and holding ownership positions in eleven different companies.  His expertise in business relationships bring a new light and direction for floundering companies giving them clear direction, marketing, relationships, and profit.  All of the companies provide support and enthusiasm to each other and are web-based providers of services and/or goods.  He believes that “synergy” is the only way to surviving in the business world, not just a word for moving forward but for “causing” a difference.




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